Coolest Moth in Newburyport

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I was in Newburyport talking with our client about how we are going to be able to help them this year with the front of their house. Once we finished the conversation about how we are going to enhance their front steps and add a stone veneer to their foundation, we walked out back to look at the stonework that we did in 2017. The stonework looks great, in my eyes and the client as well as this really cool moth…

I don’t think I have ever seen something like this, thus I took a couple of pictures then let it be (it was pretty comfortable resting on the top of the bench that we built around their firepit).


Patio and Grilling Area in Medford, MA

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This Medford, MA family asked Artistic Landscapes for our help in designing a backyard for them that will look much better than what they have had and have a more defined purpose. Their goals were to have patio space for a large table and some chairs/lounges, a vegetable garden, a lawn and a space that they can use to turn a vehicle around.

We designed their backyard by using Unilock’s U-Cara wall stones as these wallstones have a similar feel and look as their house foundation. The wall was built so that they could have a long garden area which they plan on using as a vegetable and herb garden. We made an alcove to allow for the grill to be located. This alcove is sort of a mini-outdoor kitchen area and allows for more flexibility in the main part of the patio. The patio was built with Unilock’s Treo style pavers and Courtstone pavers as a border (the boldness in the color of the Courtstone help define the patio even further). In between the patio and the retaining wall, we planted sod.

The client has been enjoying their patio and grill space so much that they have not built the pergola that we installed footings for.

For information about how Artistic Landscapes can help you with your patio, driveway and landscaping needs, please visit our office at 111 Newburyport Turnpike (Route One), Rowley or call Tony at 978.948.2900.


Backyard walkway in Rowley

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This Rowley, MA family has several dogs and wanted a 2nd large kennel for a puppy that they were going to get shortly. Because they needed a kennel and wanted something to keep the dogs clean (when the area was a lawn the dogs often went into the house with mud), we built them a large walkway and patio. This walkway and patio was built using Techo-Bloc’s Hera pavers in Chestnut Brown color. As you can see from the following picture, we built a short retaining wall, with Techo-Bloc wall stone, on the left side of the walkway so that the kennel area could be relatively level. The Techo wallstones and patio complement the stonework that was done around their pool a few years ago.

We felt a combination of curves and straight edges would make the space more interesting and aesthetically pleasing, which our client agreed with. But, because we were looking to continue the look and feel that was around the pool, we accented the perimeter with the same Hera pavers but we used just one size.

Techo-Bloc pavers in the Hera style for a backyard walkway and patio in Rowley.
Techo-Bloc pavers in Hera Style and Chestnut Brown color for a walkway and patio in Rowley, MA
The square Hera pavers were used for the perimeter of the walkway.
The accent along the perimeter of the walkway is built with one size of the same stone that was used for the body of the walkway.

For information about how Artistic Landscapes can help you with your patio, walkway or stone needs, please call Tony at 978.948.2900 or send us an email or visit our office at 111 Newburyport Turnpike (Route One) in Rowley, MA.


Memorial Day – Honor our Veterans

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We thank all of the Veterans as you have provided us with safety and support for our great country. The Rowley Veterans Association parade begins at 1:00 on Monday, May 27th. This parade will stop at the Memorial Star Garden in the Rowley Cemetary. We are pleased that we finished building the brick walkway around the Memorial Star Garden that was designed and supported by and the Great Marsh Garden Club. This walkway allows for better accessibility to everyone.

Brick Walkway honoring the 5 military branches at the Memorial Star Garden in Rowley, MA


Memorial Star Garden in the Rowley Cemetary

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We are very excited that the Great Marsh Garden Club selected Artistic Landscapes to build a brick walkway around the Memorial Star Garden in the Rowley Cemetary. We are going to provide a brick walkway between the asphalt driveway and parking area that is between the Town Hall and the cemetary. We are very pleased with the results so far and we look forward to finishing the installation of the bricks in time for the Rowley Veterans Memorial Day Parade on May 29th.

We found extensive loam around the Memorial Star Garden thus we excavated more than normal prior to installing 3/4″ crushed stone for the base of this walkway. As you may be able to see in the following pictures, we set the bricks on 3/8″ crushed stone (the 3/8″ stone was installed on top of the compacted 3/4″ stone).

Thank you to all Veterans!


High School Masonry Competition Results

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On Wednesday, May 8th, the Massachusetts Trowel Trades Association (“MTTA”) conducted their 20th annual hardscape & masonry competition. I was one of three judges for the masonry competition. Thank you for having me as a judge and I am very impressed to see how many quality high school students are focused on masonry and hardscaping. It appeared to me that there was about the same number of females and males competing. Everyone did a great job and I expect they will do well in the future.



Thank you from Groveland Family

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We transformed a significant portion of this Groveland family’s front yard in 2017 and we just updated the remaining area of the front yard. I am really proud of the work that Will & Jesse did on this next area as it looks great and the client appreciates what they did. The client said “We are so happy with the changes and enjoy the view everyday! Your crew is so efficient and thorough.” This multi-phase project consisted of us designing the front yard and installing the plants over a couple of years.

Client Thank You Note


High School Masonry Competition

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On Wednesday, May 8th, the Massachusetts Trowel Trades Association (“MTTA”) is conducting their annual hardscape competition at Whittier Tech Vocational School that day. There will be students from 6 schools competing in this competition. I look forward to seeing the great work of these students. I thank Whittier Tech staff for inviting me to be one of the judges for this competition.

Please wish all of the students good luck and I hope that they are able to do their best during the competition and each day.


The Importance of Drainage

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We believe one of the keys to building a strong retaining wall and patio is to provide an appropriate drainage system. We typically install underground drainage pipes every time that a downspout is near our wall or patio. The drainage pipes will carry water past our work and empty into either an open area or into an underground dry well. The dry well is filled with crushed stone and lined with soil separation fabric.

The types of drainage pipes that we use will vary depending on the site and the location of the pipes. For instance, the drainage pipe that we installed in front of our retaining wall is a different quality of pipe than the pipe that we used to carry water under our patio. In this project, we did not install any perforated pipes related to the downspout disposal as we wanted to bring all of the water into the dry well.

Downspout draining into an underground drainage system
Heavy duty drainage pipe to drain a downspout under a patio
The dry well will accept the water from 2 downspouts and keep the patio and retaining wall from sitting in water

For information about how Artistic Landscapes can help solve your drainage issues or to have us build you the patio and/or retaining wall of your dreams, please stop by our Office on Route One (111 Newburyport Turnpike) in Rowley, MA.


Dogwood Tree during the Winter

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This mature Dogwood tree is illuminated by 3 bullet lights. By using three lights on this dogwood, we are able to showcase its bark and branch structure without creating big, bright areas. The more uniform lighting around the whole tree pleases this Georgetown family.

What a Dogwood tree can look like during winter

For more information about Artistic Landscapes can help you with your landscape lighting needs, please call Tony at 978.948.2900 or visit us at 111 Newburyport Turnpike (Route One), Rowley, MA.

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